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2016 is going to be a year of new beginnings. Our efforts to strengthen fathers, families and family businesses are in a growth mode. We are designing our web presence as a resource, as well as an avenue to stay connected with you.

We will be posting a variety of research, helpful insights and gleanings from our past and current work. Our prayer for you is this, “May God give you favor and insight as you serve others with humility this year!” Respectfully, Ken Canfield


Read articles on a wide variety of topics to help fathers and father figures engage in the lives of their children.

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Resources and tools for helping fathers be more actively engaged with their children.

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Training and seminars for men – encouraging fathers to develop leadership in the home.

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Featured Articles

5 Needs of Daughters

Relating to daughters doesn’t come natural to many of us, but we can learn to connect in an affirming way. We testosterone-filled males can...
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A Father’s Heart for Daughters

There are a lot of reasons for you to be a loving father to your daughter. She’ll have a more positive view of men in general. More...
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Grandpa: Be a Transmitter of Values

What do you value in life? What shining virtues stand above time and progress? What personal qualities do you want your children and grandchildren...
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Dad and Mom United in Discipline

There’s a good chance you can relate to Henry’s problem-that is, if you have a wife and kids…. It began with Henry asking his son...
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